Good Dog Treats and Dog Food swiftly became the priority of many of Dog pet lovers after the pet food recalls in 2007. Most of us were absolutely mortified to think that we could have been potentially poisoning our own dogs. Even worse, it involved many major pet food manufacturers, which only served to undermine our trust in what had been a trusted standard in every dog’s life for over fifty years.

According to many dog experts, dogs have a higher chance of dying a premature death if their main source of food is store-bought. You will be shocked to discover what are in the ingredients of most commercial dog food. Even though the brand of food you use has a good reputation, it doesn’t mean that it is healthy dog food. Over 100 dogs died within a two-week period alone and many more reported cases of kidney failure, all from tainted dog food. This instantly stopped millions of dog owners from purchasing their dog’s treats and food from commercial sources but without their local markets, many people were at a loss as to where to go from here.

It is quite a well-known fact nowadays that most commercial dog food can bring on disease. It does not have the nutritional properties that will keep your dog in good physical shape. It is extremely deficient in the key ingredients your dog needs to keep him healthy. You may read on the package that the food is a healthy, complete, balanced meal, but, although perfectly legal, these statements are not true.

If you want to make sure your dog will live a full and happy life, you may want to find an alternative diet for him. Canned dog food is certainly convenient if you have a busy lifestyle, but you may want to think twice after you find out exactly what you are feeding your pet.

Most commercial dog food contains preservatives for a long shelf-life, which means more profits for manufacturers. Through research, it has been discovered that there are at least six deadly chemicals in store-bought dog food that are banned from human foods. This is because they are known to cause life-threatening diseases, such as, kidney, bladder and stomach cancers, leukemia, liver dysfunction, and organ failure, just to name a few.

The “preservative-free” labeling on pet foods couldn’t be more far from the truth. The reason manufacturers are allowed to state this is because they don’t have to disclose ingredients that they don’t add to the food themselves. A lot of pet foods that make this claim do, in fact, contain chemicals. These additives are put in the food at the rendering plants – before it reaches the manufacturer.

Changing your dog’s diet to healthy dog food, though, is only part of the solution to a longer, happier life. You really must follow a complete, health-care regiment during his lifetime. Cooking well-balanced, home-made dog food for your pet is one step in giving him the chance to live to his full life expectancy in a healthy and happy way.

Never the less, it didn’t take too long for pet owners to start going online and start chatting about how they could feed their dogs treats and food made right at home! Soon there we discussions on the best recipes going on and new dog bakeries popping up on every e-store front corner.

Along the line there came a new types of dog food and healthy dog treats to choose from. As our human society became more aware of the importance of nutrition in our own lives, we began to transfer that concern to our pets. As we worry for our pets so did our need to treat our pets as if they were miniature humans. Once our precious pups surpassed the hurdle of just being “pets” and society began to accept them as true family members, the explosion of pampered pet products went wild!

As with any booming industry, there are always a few bad apples in the bunch. When you are choosing a healthy dog treat for your pet Dog, it should be an easy choice. You should simply be able to go for the label that says, “natural dog treats” or “organic dog treats” etc., and know that’s what your dog is getting. Right? Sadly, that is not always the case.

Unfortunately, the labeling regulations have not yet caught up to the new industry standards and it’s fairly easy for a company to label their dog treats natural when they aren’t really 100% natural.

And about the taste, with the multiple choices available there is a wide variety of flavors available. Also remember to take your Dog allergies into consideration.

I also want to mention that even if you don’t think your dog will eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, you will be surprised. Your dog will likely eat anything if given the chance to be introduced to the new food properly.

A Look at What to Consider:

Natural – A healthy dog treat should not include any chemicals, preservatives, dyes or added artificial flavorings. The whole idea is that this type of treat is natural and should not include processed ingredients.

Nutritious – Every treat should provide a healthy number of vitamins and minerals.

Made to order – All dogs definitely will have different tastes, likes and dislikes hence, you will want to be able to choose from variants to include and exclude for your dog’s treats.

Fresh – Any ingredient used in making any dog food must be fresh including all fruits and vegetables. Good dog treats should meet the standard of food you would prepare for yourself in that they are made with human grade ingredients.

Once you have an idea of what flavors, shape, size etc. it’s time to start making a few sample choices. There are many online sites that might give you free samples of dog treats. This is a great way to see what your dog likes and dislikes and/or what agrees or doesn’t agree with them. When your freebies arrive, remember to space them out and not feed them all at once. That way you can determine how well they like each one and be sure that each one agrees with them. Remember to select variants of dog treats that your dog would like. The idea behind this is that you wouldn’t want to eat the exact same snack every day for the rest of your life, right? So, give them several to choose from and mix it up.

Be aware that there are many types to choose from too. Everything from dog biscuits, dog treats, dog cakes, homemade dog treats, and various others. Then there’s also the option of all natural, organic, gourmet, holistic, homemade and a few others. Check each one out and see if it meets your dog’s needs.

Few Reasons on why taking you Dog Treat Standard Seriously is Key

1) No more deadly toxins!

Most commercial dog food companies use preservatives such as BHA & BHT (known to cause liver and kidney damage) and Ethoxyquin (banned from human use) to keep the fat in the dog food from going rancid — for a longer shelf life. No need for any preservatives with your homemade healthy dog food.

2) No more mystery meat!

What is “meat meal” or “chicken by-product”? By-products are the rest of the animal that isn’t fit for human consumption. If the animal name is not listed (just meat), then it could be anything – euthanized dogs & cats, diseased cows/pigs/chickens unfit for human consumption – the disgusting list goes on. The problem with this type of “meat” is that it can contain chemicals and poisons that are not eliminated through the processing. This means your dog will also ingest these chemicals. With homemade healthy dog food, you buy human-grade meat to feed your dog.

3) Improved digestion and absorption of necessary nutrients.

This can be seen by the size of the stool. You’ll see less waste hence the body is able to utilize more of the food from your healthy dog food. Some dog food has so much filler to add bulk, to make your dog feel full. But it lacks the right nutrient necessary for the dog, so it just goes right through them.

4) Improved immune system in your dog.

Your dog’s body has been living in a state of stress. He has not been getting all the nutrients he needs for optimal function. Once he starts getting the necessary nutrients from healthy dog foods, your dog’s immune system automatically improves. This means he will be less susceptible to illness and diseases.

5) Decrease of your dog’s “allergy” symptoms.

A lot of your dog’s “allergy” symptoms will start disappearing – itchy skin, gas, diarrhea, smelly stools, bad breath. A study by William Pollak, DMV, with over 500 dogs of 30+ breeds, showed that a change to a healthy diet, within 12 months, almost entirely eliminated the allergy symptoms in 94% of the dogs. Start feeding your dog healthy dog food now and watch his allergy symptoms disappear.

By following a regime of a healthier diet, your dog is much less likely to get sick, thus saving you money on vet bills and medication. Although there are some high-quality canned foods available, most of them cause obesity in dogs due to the high fat and sugar levels.

This may look a lot of work for just a dog treat to some but for those of you who are true dog lovers, you know that for every healthy dog treat you serve your precious pooch, that’s one more thing you’re doing to make a difference in the quality and health of their life. They spend so much time making us happy and adding joy to our lives, let’s keep them around and keep them healthy while they’re here.

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